Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ministering to the Masses

People pray to Bordane but he does not ask for it. Tending to ignore the prayers, he prefers action over words. He would hold small gatherings, encouraging his followers to push themselves in all aspects of their lives. To not implore the gods to deliver them from the pains that life brought, but to cherish them. Soft living leads to soft men, and to be a leader meant being able to constantly make hard decisions. Bordane joined Damian as The Brothers of Retribution, preaching that no slight should go unheeded. Bordane taught that one should always be prideful, and if the follower didn't feel particularly prideful, Bordane would bolster the follower's confidence with uplifting talk and veiled, subtle threats and insults. He would join in the behind-the-back talks and insults, easily being described as a hate-monger and not denying it.

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