Thursday, April 12, 2012

Undermountain: Day 2 (From the Temple of Tyranny and Back Again)

Early the next day Eva and Tauron overheard the discharge of firearms far down the wide double-pillar hall, ideograms on the walls indicating one was drawing closer to the temple. Others felt and some even heard a low stone rumbling that later proved to indicate the landscape of the Undermountain halls was in flux; a phenomena that occurred more than once throughout the day.

During their investigation, the Samular Seven happened across a fresh trail going from north to west. They follow it through a strange series of walls and dead-end halls; all under a magical circle inlaid upon the stone ceiling. Getting a close look Eva escapes the trap and fights off the compulsion to enter the circle's blister area.

Following the trail north, the ka-tet find themselves bookended by a pair of gelatinous cubes; invisible and silent. After defeating the cubes the seven back track; though not before another dungeon tremor and a new dungeon door blooming like a rose from the stone wall. After opening the friends discover themselves in front of a great old, open castle portcullis; beyond, an open castle courtyard.

Not interested with things at the bottom of rabbit holes, they continue back to the temple and begin a clock-wise rotation of exploring the temple interior.

At the top of a short level of steps a pair of trolls were testing their points skills by rolling twenty pound stones down at the group. They were defeated.

Next the Samular Seven discover a trio of guardian air elementals along a north passage and a message "Past the raging wind." They seemed to be protecting this passage from the other direction.

Heading south the seven find a dead-end room; all along the ceiling was green slime. The slime was quick to react to their presence; the room proved to be magic dead, but after defeating the slime the group discovered a pattern of the Black Lord hidden underneath. Deciding to investigate later, the friends explore further and find a four half-fiend Minotaurs defecating on a shambling mound.

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James Caruso said...

As you guys are working on your cohorts- one thing I didn't mention, no arcane spellcasters.