Monday, May 31, 2010

Blackspire Gap

Korindell and Mardus adventured together in the same time that Samular was slaying dragons and building a legacy. In fact, Korindel knew the wizard who crafted the mighty Arcanum, a legendary bastard sword carried by Tancred the Gryphon rider. He shared his mistrust of wizard societies and cabals and spoke against the gathering and hoarding of "magic secrets". He essentially felt that groups of spellcasters could marshall too much power in those secret settings, and it was too tempting to use that power to rule over those that didn't have it. In his youth, he founded an adventuring group known as the Mysterious Vagabonds, with the help his greatest ally, Mardus. Together, they led a revolving door of mid level adventurers on an eclectic list of missions and goals. They accumulated a vast amount of wealth, largely thanks to a couple of battles with dragons, and they built a magnificent tower in Waterdeep, and they called it Blackspire Gap.

The tales of Mardus claim he was born a commoner, but showed great aptitude for the arts of combat. He was especially skilled on horseback, and had a good knack for using tactics that suited his groups skills. By the time he joined Korindell he had already won superb bastard sword the he never lost or replaced throughout his entire life. He never named his blade, but he always referred to it as "old Trusty". The sword was buried with him at his death.

Korindell was famous for his ability to counter spells. He was very knowledgeable of spellcraft, and specialized in the study of magics that dispelled or made ineffective the magics of other casters. He was also a crafter of magic items, He grew to great power before he died, but he never lost distrust of wizard societies and cabals. He went to great lengths to protect his tower from intrusion, including having the entire tower, every room, lined with lead, and other special metals to protect against magic snoops. He and Mardus also had many traps installed throughout the towers, particularly the doors and windows.

In his waning years, Korindel took an apprentice, and imparted all his knowledge, values, and even worldly possessions unto him. The tower, and all of its secrets have been passed down this way, one wizard to one apprentice, 4 different times since the death of Korindell. The tower now belongs to a wizard named Jarred Mallred. He has been the owner for about 5 years, and he served as apprentice for 5 years, learning the secrets of the tower. He was already a seasoned wizard before, as the tradition calls for accepting a practicing wizard as the next master of Blackspire Gap. Jarred shares the mistrust that Korindell had of cabals, and he hates the Wands and The Order in Waterdeep. He researches abjurations, magic theory, and adventuring groups from the past in Waterdeep. He is an excellent scribe, and can craft potions, wands, and wondrous items. He has no smithing skills, but he can enchant arms and armor as well. He has a hobby of tracing the steps of famous weapons among the adventuring groups of Waterdeep. His library allows him to research the following areas: Knowledge arcana; knowledge local, adventuring groups of Waterdeep; abjuration magic; knowledge history, wizard cabals and societies; and knowledge history, weapons. He is also very patriotic, and serves as an on call volunteer for the city watch, specialing in dealing with destructive or out of control magics.

Most other sages and spellcasters do not like Jarred, and the Wands have been trying courtly and legal manouvres to claim the tower and its contents. Because of his colleauges mistrust and unfavorable opinion of him, Jarred is rarely listed or thought of when enumerating the many sages that study in the libraries of Waterdeep.


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