Saturday, April 28, 2012

Release Me

In all of his time, in all of his battles, Tauren had never felt so nervous and afraid. In Martin Luckjoys private chambers, Tauren and martin and Heilean had been conversing, discussing the discoveries underground and growing concerns within Waterdeep. Tauren had warmed up with details of his growing followers and burgeoning ranks of cavalry. He had come to where both Heilean and Martin could sense he was not coming forth with what he had truly come to say. Tauren closed his eyes and fell to his knees. Head bowed before Heilean, he said " Thou art Tymora before me. I have sworn my love to you, and my passion burns bright enough to light the world. I have protected your churches, and preserved their sanctity. My faith in your resurrection has fueled the calls and prayers of your clergy. As your devoted servant, I now ask you to release me of my vows of service with your blessing. Allow me to fulfill my destiny, and ascend as a god with you. Grant me this, so that I may be able to give my devotion to you as an equal instead of a servant"

Tauren felt his face burn from flush, his blood roared in his ears, and he could hardly draw his breath as he awaited Her reply.

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James Caruso said...

Again, Great picture choice. :)