Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Recruits

Lakari’s heart raced width excitement. She had gone six months without word from the head of her order. Even after the gods fall, and their lord was killed she could not track down her mentor. However there was no doubt this summons came from Nastorrian. It had been delivered through the proper channels, and contained the same encryptions he had taught her as a youth. She had deciphered the code and it had led her here, a dark alley bordering the City of the Dead. Scouting the area everything was quite. She had noticed a woman dressed in a luxurious fur coat. Normal for this time of year, however her boots, worn leather clashed with the outfit. Lakari had noticed another interesting bit of information this particular women was walking over her own tracks, she was on patrol.

Kight was a bit nervous, though they had similar skill sets Lakari had an impressive reputation. Deceiving one of the top assassins in Waterdeep, then parading around in the open wasn’t her idea. Back home as a general rule if an assassin felt something out of place they burned the trail and disappeared. That usually entailed eliminating all possible ties and that would have started with her. She pushed those thoughts out of her mind, she was determined this assignment would go better than the last one. Eva said the assassin would meet her here. She moved towards the dark alley and produced a small candle.

“Need a light”? Lakari said as she appeared from the shadows. Kight was startled by her sudden arrival, but managed not to show it.

“I don’t think it will be enough to pierce the darkness” she replied as instructed.

“Who are you and why have you called me here” asked Lakari?

I come with an offer from the Matriarch of Souls, Kight said as she offered up her pendant. Lakari took the death mask pendant, a likeness of the future goddess.

“What kind of offer” questioned Lakari? Surely the goddess of the dead can find another way to have someone killed? If she has to resort to hiring outsiders, what kind of god would she make?

As the Mistress of Death, Eva is willing to accept the former followers of Bhaal into her clergy. She will grant all loyal followers with spells and abilities that will allow them to perform their expected duties. They will form a secrete sect in her church known as the weapons of fate. She would like you to begin recruiting for this sect and take over as head of the order. Lakari stood silent, trying to grasp the reality of the moment.

“Most of our order has disbanded, they scattered fearing some form of retribution. Just as the followers of magic were killed with their gods many believe those that follow Bhaal were doomed to the same fate”.

“That’s not true came a whisper from the pendant. I can tell you who killed Bhaal and why”

Lakari’s stared in shock, the nondescript death mask pendant she held was now a fully animated face of the goddess. Looking into the eyes of the pendant Lakari could feel the presence of the goddess. “What kind of trick is this “scoffed Lakari?

“It’s no trick” interrupted Kight, our Matriarch has many gifts. You would do well to heed her words.

“The Lord of Murder was betrayed” cried the voice from the pendant. He fell victim to the same treachery that befell our Old Lord Skull, the same betrayal that cast the gods from the heavens. Lakari could hear the emotions in her voice. Not only was she telling the truth, but she genuinely cared about the events that befell her former lord. We will not allow these actions to go unpunished continued the pendant. Bane & Shar saw fit to betray the rest of the Dark Triad. We will ensure these former gods pay the ultimate price for their treachery. They shall be stripped of their godhood, the members of the Samular pantheon will claim their followers, and they will be forgotten.

Lakari felt the presence behind her before a sound was made. Without a word she spun and buried her dagger deep into the throat of the intruder. Jumping back into a defensive stance she prepared for the retaliatory attack. Standing before her clad in full plate armor was a half decayed figure. Her dagger still protruding from his neck where it’s jugular would have been.
“Relax” claimed the pendant, he is with us. Nastorrian said you would appreciate this, Fredrick if you would be so kind. The zombie pulled a dagger from his belt and held it out for display. I know you have read stories of this dagger in various scripture. It has chosen to join us, just as Bhaal would have joined us. Become my weapon Lakari, and help me burry this dagger into our enemies. And once I ascend, you will become one of my daughters of death, and Ash will be yours.

Lakari never broke eye contact with the dagger, Ash was more awe-inspiring than she could ever imagine. “If Nastorrian has joined your ranks, I would be foolish to decline. I can have a dozen followers by midnight tomorrow. What are your plans Mistress”?

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