Thursday, March 29, 2012


Kalina oriented herself on the divine power she held and focused her will upon whom she spoke. Today her ministry of charm and trickery brings her to the Efreeti Bottle. Thanks to the proprietor Hasar, Kalina now conducts fellowship with the followers of Sharess...
“...I come before you bearing two aspects familiar to you all and assure great power to be bestowed after a Year and a Day. I stand before you as Mistress of Hidden Blades and the Lady of Illusion...”

Belgora stood by as he watched his goddess speak. He was her protection on her tour of Waterdeep’s temples. The Efreeti Bottle and the Servants of Sharess was just the first; soon Belgora would see Kalina safely to the Font of Knowledge where she will employ her charms and divine knowledge to potential faithful.

Briar strolled within the trees and ponds in the Shrines of Nature holding hands with Tehtira Bellsilver. The two had become very close since the events that struck a major blow against Chauntea, and since both Anarakin Iriboar, the avatar of Sylvanus, and Tehtira accept Briar’s vision of a strong, vital woman as a suitable candidate as the next Mielikki Briar was a welcome visitor to the glen.

“...I will honor what Mielikki held dear, in addition the clergy will be exclusive to women who will hold the family sacred, be the protectors of animals; some will seek to become Sisters of the Cloak. Loyalists will revere me as goddess of the Moon and Travel, Lady of mothers and animals...”

Briar, Anarakin and Tehtira believed they knew where one of the final two aspects Briar needed before she was ready to ascend the Celestial Staircase and the mysteries beyond, but to do this they would first need to consult the Font of Knowledge and the clerics of Oghma.  

Arsten walked with a renewed vigor in the afterglow of acquiring his new aspect; Nobility was high on his list, mayhap the most important after war. It was important for Arsten to maintain his concept as patron of generals and tacticians; he also wanted to include a sense of civilization and protection in his faith as well. His ministry was small at the moment; Arsten was many things but an evangelisits he was not. Nevertheless he found himself speaking to other gunslingers, training in the cold sleet just as he was...

“...War is an exercise in mental warfare gentlemen; a game of Castles with hard caliber gunslingers as the game pieces acting upon their commanders orders. War is sometimes required to maintain civilization; wars are won with knowing of ones enemies, proper planning, and great noble deeds. I would stand as these things…as the Mark of War.”

As Arsten left the North Tower exercise yards, he saw a group of apprentice gunslingers talking excitedly about this new angle for Tempus, the current incarnation of the god of war. Arsten would have this mantle for himself, and change the flaming silver sword symbol of Tempus to the big revolvers of a gunslinger.  

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