Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Fallen

Sakornia was shocked to find the urban people of Waterdeep just as desperate to believe in something greater than themselves as her own people had been. For the last hour four witnesses shared their tale of a local noble who they claim is becoming the “Lightning Lord”. According to all four of her witnesses this nobleman rides a flying black winged horse. One of the four claimed that the rider called his mount Tempus but Sakornia thought that was window dressing to increase the old man witness' importance and value in her eyes. Still they all claimed that the nobleman took to the sky on a previously unseen mount and called lightning down upon his enemies. Three of the four witnesses claimed he moved supernaturally prior to enemies dropping down on the nobleman’s companions from the high rooftops above. If these people were to be believed the battle took less than a minute. No-one she spoke with had a clear view of the short battle but all agreed that this Lightning Lord called himself Damian when he summoned lightning and his voice was like thunder.

Growing disgusted with her investigation, Sakornia decided to search the battleground to see if she could find any evidence to support such claims of divinity. Sakornia and her supporters were desperate to identify as many of heaven’s petitioners as they could before the year and a day arrived that  the voice spoke of during star-fall. Sakornia was a member of The Fallen, a group of priests and paladins of dead or altered gods from Azuth to Waukeen. The Fallen believed all the gods were dying and the world will end in the year and a day the great voice spoke of if these arrogant people attempted to storm the heavens in the mistaken belief they can claim the god’s powers.

Sakornia searched for an hour before she noticed a floating, glowing light, like a snowflake flittering around areas where the bolts of lightning had struck. Small tremors of electricity ran across the glowing flake of light revealing a creature’s bone structure inside the glow. “Was this a creature born of divine power?” Sakornia wondered. As if in answer to her thoughts, one of the nosier witnesses she had spoken to called out, “FireStar!” pointing at the glowing flakes of light. Sakornia thanked the witness, the older fellow, and then left the area. She decided she had enough evidence to add this Damian to her groups list of divine challengers. She hoped when The Fallen decided to approach Damian he would be smart enough to listen.

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