Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aspect of Chaos

Tauron Tarm presented his SamularSword Arcanum with deadly purpose; speaking words of glorious retrubitionagainst the vile and cunning Brokengulf family, his eyes penetrated hisdesignated challenged opponent; striking true- emptying the man of his lifesustaining organs.

The gore and entrails of theunfortunate Kagull Brokengulf spilled upon the cobblestone with a thicksplatter. The poor sage who only moments ago saw his salvation from thedungeons in the form of a young dark-skinned lass; only to realize she wasopening the way to his death. Darkness took Kagull, and the sage was no more.

Eva looked upon the entrails and immediatelyfell into the touch whereby she bore witness to a vision. Eva begain tointerpret the blood and gore; as she did, her speech took on an abyssal quality-no longer speaking in common.

The touch filled Eva with a sense ofTauron’s fate, and what she saw terrified her. It was twice the size of a man,humanoid, and covered with thick coarse hair; it had ram-like horns, dead whiteeyes, and at least a dozen mouths of animal-like ferocity about his muscularform. The demon, among other things was an Avatar of Chaos, and was along Tauron’s path to becoming the Gypsy Lord. 

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