Friday, March 2, 2012

Tales from the Undermountain

From a Knight of the Firelance dispatch report.

Undermountain day 1

Within hours of being lowered into the sewers, Uthrac- Balin- Vhaas and I observed several cave-ins and structural weaknesses to the main sewer lines under what we agreed to be Waterdeep Mountain. It is not clear if the dragon-kin we were sent to investigate caused them or the monsters simply took advantage of the exit. Several unexplained events occurred during this time (spectral sounds and minor ethereal lights); however none brought harm or loss.

The basilisk’s back trail lead down into what Uthrac recognized as one of the fundamental levels of the mad wizard’s undermountain. During a brief respite we began to her sounds of battle- and gunshots. We hastily proceeded north- deeper into the dungeon toward the sounds. After several turns and hallways we discover the basilisk trail ended exactly where forces were engaged in battle: a trio of exotic looking dwarves armed with rifles against a dozen dark-fey.

Finding a commonality with the dwarves, we rallied against the dark-fey and successfully drive them off. Due to injuries sustained in the battle, we were unable to offer chase.

The dwarves showed us gratitude and identified themselves as Udall, Mikor, and Vanos, of the Melairkyn and keepers of the Melairbode. They spoke in an archaic dwarven dialect and gave off a supernatural aura. They related their story to us and explained their mission to us: in the treasure acquired from the Edomira’s dragon hoard was a chaotic evil weapon- vorpal sword. They intend to discover a means to destroy or neutralize it.

The dwarves have agreed to accompany us on our return tomorrow. Also of note these dwarves display a great understanding of artifice and smith work as exemplified with their familiarity of firearms.

End of Gunslinger Report
Brenton Durinbold

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