Friday, March 9, 2012

Tales from the Dragon’s Head Tavern Two

Syndra Wands sat at the long polished bar close to her new friend Eva; their quarry sat at a table beyond the central square fire pit that warmed the Castle Ward’s most popular drinking establishment. Seated at that table was Trystan, a scribe and theater mogul among bards and orators; and Aymee Talmost, a figure of statuesque beauty and self-proclaimed Avatar of Sune. Together they palavered over their drinks unknowing of their watchers. Outside, the storm was steadily growing in intensity, wind and ice made tonight one of the busiest Sunday evenings since Shieldmeet.

Syndra appreciated Eva’s help but sat uneasy in the company of her ka-tet. Families such as the Agundars and Thunderstaffs were not well like in the Order and were sometimes regarded as hostile; and families like the Tarms were largely seen as subservient because of their association and membership within the caravan’s guild. The Dark Enchanter, Huld Belabranta held office in the Order and was Syndra’s only involvement with the Grimm eccentric family until meeting Briar. She welcomed Briar’s position on improving women’s social class and thought to speak with her more on the topic. Syndra immediately liked Kalina’s no folly attitude and thought she would be good in a fight, but it was Eva whom she had a deeper connection with, in fact Syndra now understood Eva was somehow connected to the Wands- for good or ill.

The time had come to advance the surveillance effort further; Syndra prepared her Beaker of Plentiful Potions as magic was cast to determine the nature of Trystan’s and Aymee’s possession of divine power- an aspect of Rune or Lust.

Wild unfettered magic pulsed like a ripple in calm waters simultaneously opening a set of doorways sending the Dragon’s Head Tavern and all of her patrons to five of the closest portals in the North. Disorientation and confusion grappled everyone; patrons who were one minute enjoying a mug of graff suddenly fell upward as if gravity were reversed; a Halfling who, this time had an honest flush in his pudgy hands, was hurled with his back to the wall, pinned and an unable to act; while Syndra’s prepared elixir went awry and changed her into a mug throwing half-orc, suddenly unable to cast her spells.

The portals cast out all nearby planar aspects: Arborea, Hades, Limbo, Mechanus, and Purgatory, from their possessors in the form of seven extra planar beings, some undead, some mechanical and others elemental in nature; outsiders equipped and motivated for purpose.

Syndra struggled to help against the outsiders but maintained her attentions on Trystan; one of the creatures- an insect of blood- was threating to drain him and Aymee of their life. Then Eva fell under attack! Syndra turned her attention to the threat and used her wand to aid in the creature’s destruction… now in the form of an elemental.

Trystan was immediately overwhelmed by the vicious outsiders, he could barely maintain his defenses. He did not feel the disorientation as others felt, but was in fact parted with two planar aspects he had carried; he still was in possession of two others however, but that was not going to help him much now. He had only rudimentary skills with the rapier he carried; but it was all he could do to defend himself and Aymee from horrible death.

Aymee was briefly disorientated when the tavern began to traverse the ways between portals. When she regained her perceptions she saw most of the patrons were either held to the walls or standing on the ceiling with blank looks on their faces. Trystan was pressed in combat with a being that had the look of death, she stood and began to provide healing energies to him hoping aid would soon come- Trystan is not to die at another’s hand.

Syndra crept up behind Trystan, hoping Tauron’s aid in battle would provide her a viable distraction, and then she realized Aymee was watching her, seeing Syndra as her true self. Then Aymee did something that utterly surprised Syndra; she moved to flank Trystan!

As the final clockwork centaur was struck down Syndra buried her magical blade deep into Trystan’s flank yeilding the Rune aspect and providing Aymee with an advantage to finish the murder and seize the aspect of chaos from the ugly man.

In the aftermath, fifteen people had perished, eighteen had survived, and one individual had been left behind in the ruins near Secomber. Investigators found no structural damage to the Dragon’s Head Tavern but warned the establishment was still under the effects of wild magic, as well as statements from survivors that the defenders against the attacking outsiders saved them from wholesale slaughter and the paperwork that created.


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Just one card on this one, but it offers a different perspective on the battle.

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I like it!

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All clear now except for well you know the wild magic and all.:)