Monday, March 26, 2012

A Horseman's Message

Tauron's uncle appeared at breakfast, unusual as he had risen early and was working in the stables each other morning he had stayed in Waterdeep.

"A messenger brought this to me this morning in the stables. It doesn't make much sense to me, but the scroll came sealed with The Horseman's stamp." Tauron certainly picked up that his uncle truly was working to extend his influence in the Association. The Tet read the scroll together.

" My lords, much of what had been reported appears true. Yamun Kahan is truly a northern barbarian king so drunk with lust for strife and combat there seems to be no end to his reign of terror. It seems he has abandoned his tribe for at least the early winter to continue his raids and murderous pillaging. His horde is not large, maybe half his retinue, but it is voracious. I don't know if it's possible, but I believe the Horde carries an aspect of war or battle frenzy. His trusted man at arms, Dazar, rides beside him still, as flush with the rage as any of the warriors he commands. His leadership shows the most in the superior horsemanship of the horde. He makes them a terrifying cavalry. His mystery man, as it were is no man at all. Druids of the north tell me he is in fact a goblin who calls himself The Master of Curses. By their descriptions he his a cleric of Beshaba, but from my observations - albeit distant observations - he is more. I think he holds at least Beshaba's aspect of luck or misfortune. He carries a flask in a sack covered with fur, and from it hurls curses of bad luck at foes, or any one who annoys him or threatens him. He does seem to exhibit some control over other's "turn of luck". The tribesman see him as a shaman, and believe he is warding away bad luck from them. They have jokingly named him Willhelm, which seems to infuriate him. So far the only conclusion I can make is that this barbarian king sees this winter as a season for holy plunder and savage ravishment.I will track the horde as long as I can."

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