Monday, March 5, 2012

Piergeron Palaver Notes

A few topics are in my mind, Samulars, to address Sai P. in this meeting. Foremost is the dragon turtle Briar and I dispatched on griffon patrol. It is our tet's intention to have this meat harvested and prepared to add to the city's food stores. Mention that our group and the Tarm Household have been actively building food stores for the upcoming disasters prophesied by so many. Maybe speak of some other ideas I have had brewing for building food stores. On a side note, we know that was a true dragon, one that had probably sunk numerous ships. Although we are completely unprepared for searching for an underwater dragon lair, it may be worth mentioning to Sai P. as a way of building resources. If it could be located quickly, it may be found unguarded.

I have thought of a different approach for dealing with the Waukeen infidels. I would like to petition Sai P. to recognize the siege in Yartar as declaration of war by Waukeen upon Tymora. With their overrun of our temple and murder of the many faithful who defended its walls, we would claim the right to defend ourselves against Waukeen's church and its agents as if in response to war actions. Specifically, I would like to claim the right to capture its clerics as war captives, to ransom and bargain with a wartime enemy.

Third, I will announce my plan of building a cavalry to protect my interests and loyalties. I will assure Sai P. that I will give regular reports of my numbers and armaments and I will further assure him that the cavalry will reflect the same service and loyalty to Waterdeep our Samular tet has shown.

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