Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From the Official Record Firelance Palaver; Sai Piergerion Presiding

New Entry: The Palaver recognizes Damian Agundar

Sic: Thunderstaff interjects, redacted

Begin Damian Agundar

Talos and Umberlee are dead, behold before you, I am the Lightning Lord! God of Retribution.

Sic: Thunderstaff interjects, redacted

Divine Domains entered: Note Firelance Silmerhelve to amend record with Domain Entry

Continue Damian Agundar

Cassalanter family are snake men, Brokengulfs are traitors to the city. Calls for truce between any disagreeing noble families in preparation of the dangers that Waterdeep prepares to face, declares war is coming, Sic: Supporting claims and evidence of Waterdeep’s dangers and war seconded as fact, Sai P. No further support necessary.

Continue Damian Agundar

Offers path to nobility to remaining Brokengulf’s supported by members of the Firelance Knights through Noble House Roaringhorn, declares Brokengulf name to be no longer noble due to the Brokengulf treachery. Restates support of Waterdeep and declares Waterdeep to be Holy Ground. Reiterates offers of truce during Waterdeep’s time of troubles.

Sic: Sai P advises D. Agundar to move onto his next point or conclude

Continue Damian Agundar

Declarations of Agundar Estate preparations, troops, and support towards city since return to city.

Sic: Several interjections of support and commendation. Sai P verbally commends efforts.

End Damian Agundar


James Caruso said...

Nice. Looking forward to tonight!

Russ said...

Love the Jedi council pic!