Monday, March 5, 2012

All the Kobolds...In UnderMountain...

Lady Cherillyn Anteas had enjoyed the last three hours immensely.  Something was happening beneath Waterdeep, kobolds were pouring out of the basements and cellars throughout the castle ward.  Her battles with the kobolds near the Anteas’ holdings were soon joined by the new order of Knights whose guns rang with deafening bursts.  What had been a life and death battle had quickly turned into an extermination, albeit a humorous one.  The kobolds reacted in a bizarre manner to the guns, approaching the knights in a curious fashion where they would attempt to watch what came out of the barrel.  The knights quickly discovered that they could allow two to three of the goblinoids to line up, their shots easily tearing through all of them.  Even the dour knights could not contain their glee, bragging to each other how many they had killed with one shot. 
As much fun as it had been the noblewoman was tired from the exertion and needed to arrange for cleanup and removal of the kobold carcasses.  Heading back up the street Lady Cherillyn was shocked to see a light-blue skinned giant standing outside  Mirt "the Moneylender’s" home.  Taller than the home he seemed to be waiting outside of the giant regarded Lady Cherillyn and several of the knights behind her.  “My name is Goram,” the giant spoke in perfect common, “Mirt has hired me to protect his home!”


Gordzilla said...

The title of this post should be sang to the tune of "All the Gold in California" by the Gatlin Brothers

Gatlin Gun get it.

James Caruso said...

lol nice!

John Goodman as Mirt! I love it! btw Lady Cherillyn Anteas is portrayed by... Tabrett Bethell.

All good though!

James Caruso said...

Nice call-back with Goram!