Friday, December 9, 2011


Kalina felt vigor and exhilaration beyond description; she thought- this is what it must be like when we are being born. The battle was fierce, Kalina performing her sword-dance beside her ka-tet and the victory that followed; she was walking the steps of her ancestors. Heirs to King Samular- King not by blood but by divine grace; it gave her purpose and renewed conviction. The experience of partaking in the dragon’s heart left her in a temporary fugue. Her mind couldn’t settle on one thing, a divine theatrical production was playing out before her! How she loved theater, operas and dance; there is however, darkness outside of the spotlight; just out of vision, figments hiding, waiting, watching...

Kalina watched as Eva put to rest the treasonous mummy under the light of the moon; imbibed an elixir as groups of displaced souls began to emerge. One by one Eva reached out and secured the soul in a small bag she held in the other hand. This gave Kalina pause; she would have her role to play when the curtain is drawn and the director says Action.

Avarice: Maintain a healthy desire for wealth, weather material goods or knowledge or any other conceivable item or concept that could have value.
Charm: Charismatic and gifted speakers to elevate and enthrall the masses.
Illusion: The faith will learn to use misdirection, figments, and false images; these are the means to what you desire.
Knowledge: Information is invaluable; the lack of it could be your death.
Limbo: Assurances that your soul will be held to no sovereign body of law nor evil or good.
Mysticism: When used in conjunction with Illusions, adds deadly realism to opponents of the clerics.
Trickery: Clergy will be possessed of the proper skill set; to facilitate the masses divine campaign of amassing affluence and knowledge.

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