Saturday, March 3, 2012

Evening along the Waterdeep Way

Arina, Captain of Tauron’s regulators in the name of Tymora, earned her rank and status by her wits and by her physical strengths in both a warrior’s power and a woman’s charm. She was idolized by women far and wide across the realm; indeed women who ever thought to raise a weapon in their own defense or in the defense of their faith- Arina was the paragon of that vision. She was a hero to the women who knew her. Arina though to one day lead a matriarchal society or a barony mayhap with a company of warrior women of Tymora.

She looked up and smiled to the cleric of Gond who again accompanied her this cold and stormy night. He was a strong man- tradesman at heart, and with that came a confidence with his talented hands- hands who knew how to handle a woman. Again she smiled, and continued to walk up the street while sharing her background with the charming Gondsman.

After the investigations in Yartar and my following adventures with Cirillo, Miltiades, and Sai Holloran that summer, I have now been given the honor to further Tymora’s calling.” She looked longingly into his eyes and then away. Silence passed like a cold wind between them. The storm was still gathering strength; ‘dear spirits’ she thought- ‘no storm god to pacify, no shield of protection- only...’

“Come, ‘Rina” Taking the woman by the hand, the Gondsman motioned to the tavern across Waterdeep Way. “We can take refuge in yon tavern my Lady Fair.” He gave her a mischievous smile that was infectious and turned for the Dragon’s Head Tavern, their passage creating parallel prints in the new snow… then a pulse of soundless thunder rippled out from yon tavern and Arina and the Gondsman were suddenly thrown off their feet and into the slush.

Arina quickly looked about, her perceptions still in a haze but she steeled herself and noticed the cleric was knocked unconscious; not seriously hurt. From across Waterdeep Way the tavern, which only seconds before promised a warm hearth and warmer company, now flickered erratically in and out of existence- its patrons in a confusion of muted screams, bloody weapons, and wild destructive magic.

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