Monday, March 26, 2012

Drendar Wands

In 1032, the great mage Ahghairon assumed control of Waterdeep from the brilliant tactician and war lord Raurlor. Ahghairon, powerful in magic and diplomacy, opposed Raurlor’s warmongering during the deadly Trollwars; as well as on many other fronts- no all on the fields of battle. Ahghairon therefore posed a serious threat to Raurlor and his expansionist campaign to broaden the territories and natural resources around Waterdeep. Raurlor attempted to arrest the wizard, and when he did- Ahghairon used his magic upon him; betraying Raurlor’s sword into a deadly viper, whereby it bit  Raurlor, poisoning the  war lord and killing him.

Ahghairon seized the opporotunity and proclaimed himself the first Open Lord of Waterdeep. He then began to establish a new form of government that involved what would become known as the Masked Lords. This ruling council of ‘lords’ would be comprised of highborn and commoners alike; however their identities concealed so they could argue issues with anonymity and vie political influence as equals.  

One of these first lords selected by Ahgharion was Seragrimm the Just, keeper of the treasury. Seragrimm’s passion was to protect the city and keep Waterdeep peaceful and safe from evil. This desire was so strong that upon Seragrimm’s death, he did not completely die. Instead, he lived on in undeath, safeguarding the city’s coffers; using his magic to direct the actions of his officials. His primary emissary was an Oracle of Lore Drendar Wands, wizard and leader of a secret cult of Boccob evangelists. It was Drendar and not the lich behind the mask at council acting as Seragrimm.

Rumors of rebellion and conspiracies began events that ultimately led to Seragrimm’s famous ending as skeleton trapped before Ahgharion’s Tower. As a consequence, the office of the treasury was assumed by another but the lordship and the council seat passed to Drendar and the Wands family. 

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