Friday, December 16, 2011

Tales from the Scene of the Crime

Rubigard Spinks did not as a rule make house calls, but this opportunity could not be ignored. What a strange night it has been. When he left his Castle Ward apartment it was windy, cold and was threatening rain; he had brought with him his magical umbrella, but now it was calm. It was as if nature’s wrath and the elements of the weather reconciled their disagreement and decided on a truce. He felt eyes on him as he carried the useless umbrella, so he discarded the fashion blunder without a second thought.

Standing in front of the Efreeti Bottle, Rubigard marveled at the recreation of Calimshan architecture and style. He found himself immediately attended to by the famous Sleeping Beauties of Sharess and remembered why he avoided the Bottle: 1) never return to the scene of the crime. And 2) there was a severe lack of his ‘personal tastes’ in sexual partners. Such is not the case in the rich bath-houses in the secret streets of the Sea Ward.

Then two handsomely exotic Calashite men entered the parlor and Rubigard immediately reconsidered his second reservation of the Bottle.

“I am Koresh and this is Lander,” Koresh had a sinister look about him that aroused Rubigard. Lander seemed to be the pretty-boy of the two. “Come with us sai Spinks, Hasar Al-Yasan is expecting you.”

Koresh led followed by Rubigard with Lander taking up the rear. Rubigard smiled as his perverse elven imagination ran away.

The trio found Hasar being tended by a number of southern halflings, more sandy-footed beings than any Rubigard had ever seen in one room. Hasar was lying face up on the feet of perhaps a dozen Halfling extended legs. They were working his back with their wiggling toes while additional halflings massaged his extremities. There was a heavy musk of sweat in the parlor as well as the scent of strong wine. Rubigard helped himself to the wine while the sandyfeet halflings padded their way out of the room, providing them the privacy they required.

Making his way to the wine, “Gratitude for coming here Rubigard, I know it is not usually your way.” Hasar conceded.

“Not at all Genie Sai. I am at your service.” Rubigard’s eyes scanned Hasar’s toned and muscular frame.

“I have need of information on who may possess one or more of these divine aspects I’m sure you with your considerable… knowledge may be aware.” Hasar had a debt to pay and he was more than willing to remunerate the obligation.

After lengthy a denial of such information on Rubigard’s behalf; a healthy series of haggling between the two; and the promise of future business, Hasar finally had suitable information that the Samular Company of Seven would desire.

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