Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Lady of Suffering

Lady Cherillyn Anteos did not tolerate idleness; in fact she viewed such lethargy with contempt and sought to bring these lazy-asses harm whenever she could. They should all be made to suffer; for their apathy is a contagion. She would eliminate the disease of sloth.

Holding her agiel tightly so that the pain induced by the crimson leather rod could not escape, robbing her of the cleansing agony the priestess weapon conferred. Every ache, a blessing from the Maiden of Pain; only when her mind was uncluttered with the daily toils of the City of Splendors and open to pure, unbridled pain that she was able to prepare her prayers and focus her ire. The fact that her agiel was unchanged after the godsfall proved that Loviatar survived somehow.

Coming out of her prayer she spied raven bearing on her villa; it was a message from her latest client who was interested in very specific subjects. Sometimes the order came for creatures or individuals but this message called for specifics, a fey-type.

Fey are, by nature impetuous creatures that are difficult to capture alive. They used magic and had amazing resistance to human-forged weapons, but not her agiel. Using her family’s copious resources, a few well-placed coins, and a proper rationing of pain; Cherillyn found a suitable target, a fey by the name of Oakplume. She would need help capturing the fey.

Her thoughts turned to Bordane Agundar; he understood her more than most and now he was back. She wanted to see him; feel him; hurt him; pleasure him. It was complicated. One thing that assured her was their shared goal of subjugating the lesser-classes; the languid nobodies, who would serve a better purpose attending the whims and needs of the blood-line nobility. She smiled.

Cherillyn dressed into her form-fitted red leather outfit, common among the Lady of Pain’s priestess; armed herself and departed to rendezvous with Bordane. Cherillyn thought as she traveled to the Dragon’s Head Tavern was that she hoped Bordane did not have any plans this night.

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