Friday, December 30, 2011

Tales of The Shadow Thieves (The Chess Emporium)

After descending the stairs Bryan Kormallis sat down with his two fellow conspirators and began to roll a smoke; it capped off a night with his favorite woman of the night nicely. Opposite the table from Bryan was Wykkar; a highborn human from Balder’s Gate who wore his customary high-collared black cloak and rapier, and ‘Greywolf’; Fairborn from the Empires of the Sands who’s senses bordered on the supernatural; he sported twin daggers or maybe they were shortswords- Bryan did not honestly know, for both weapons were invisible. It was their task to see that Shadow Thief influence returns to the City of Splendors. To this end they have forged many partnerships and accords over the summer with certain key city guilds, factions and churches not adversely affected by the Time of Troubles

Bryan watched as the women descend to the common room, she seemed not to badly worn-out. She went to the richly polished bar and after a moment handed him his favorite libation before sitting on his lap. “We’ve had the pleasure toots- now I have business, my gratitude for the drink and your affections. Now if you please…” The look Bryan gave the woman told her the rest.

Bryan watched her curvaceous form recede into the background of the Chess Emporium; turning he saw both Wykkar and Greywolf likewise fixed on the woman’s toned form.

“If you two can break from the enchantment you are clearly under we can palaver.” Bryan Kormallis said impatiently. Both composed themselves and while one spoke the other wrote and vice versa. Bryan usually waited to make his entry in the Journey Book until the other two were finished; he liked to read them before closing the book thereby delivering it to the master of shadows.

“I am certain the cult of the dragon is working towards elevating and creating a Pantheon of Dragons and not just any dragons Bryan…” Wykkar’s tone entertained no folly in his briefing.

“We need to hasten efforts to find aspects for Kalina.” Bryan said, his muscles flexing as if responding to his unconscious demand for action.

“I concur, but their original end game eludes me.” Wykkar agreed lifting his glass to drain the rest of his ale. He motioned for another round to be served and after a time the three were refilled and refreshed.

“I will continue to monitor the sages you indicated as suspect and hope someone will make a mistake.” Wykkar said. “Mayhap I’ll have something when your daughter’s ka-tet returns from Amphail.”

“I have sent Kalina with a message to our Shadow Theif in Amphail, with instructions to bring back their support for the cause.” Bryan said, knowing a healthy cut of profits is expected.

Finished, Greywolf slid the Journey Book to Wykkar.

“I have some news on your remodeler.” Greywolf said with a wry grin, speaking obviously of the encounter Bryan had trouble remembering even to this day. Bryan held the smoke from his weed and sat up. “Yea? And.”

“Well,” Greywolf continued. “I watched and conducted business in the ‘Castle-lantern’ districts and saw the man you described speaking with one of that family’s members… but it gets better.” Greywolf loved his theatrics, “After following them and overhearing them when I could; I wanted to look at them more closely. I suspect the Cassalanter family is in part or wholly infiltrated by scaly-kind... yaunti. How that relates to your attack I don’t know, unless he was one of them…”

A hush fell over the table; they simultaneously finished their respective drinks and raised their glasses indicating another, drawing looks from other patrons at their unrehearsed, synchronized movements.

After tipping for the round Greywolf began again, “What I could make out from their conversations was loose gossip about symptoms of some kind of frost plague that are being reported around the North, they spoke about it with reverence and was confident it will spread south using winter to facilitate the contagion.” Greywolf took on an incredulous look. “How can this be?”

“We should begin stockpiling antitoxins before word gets out! I will start building rapport with everyone who has ever had a chemistry set.” Wykkar said reacting to the opportunity this presented then returned his attention to the Journey Book.

It was Bryan’s turn to share what he knew. “I am getting closer to the inner clerics of Gond- while I don’t know the specifics of it all, I would bet Kingslayer they intend to eliminate magic to usher in a time of industry and steam. I know not how, but am sure it is so. I will have to admit I do not know how I feel about it, but one thing is certain- gods of magic or not, no one ascends before my daughter and her ka-tet.”

“I’ll drink to that!” “Here here!” “L’chaim!”

Bryan downed his mug, finished his smoke, and began to make his Journey Book entry… 
The woman Kiiri the Colorful continues to impress, she was successful in bringing Norsinnow into the organization. The overall goal for us is to quickly fill the void created by the Samular Seven to create competition between noble houses.

Norsinnow has acquired dominion over stone and competition and has agreed to stock the Field of Triumph with adversaries to challenge any qualified Noble champion; man vs. man- not man against monsters. Such grand events in Waterdeep will likely elevate certain nobility or bring them to shame in front of the whole city, nevertheless; it will gather a lot of power and riches in the same place at the same time. We will be mired in possibilities! Events planned will be more frequent at the arena like the Efreetum in Calimport- not just held every season or two as under the Brokengulf family…

After a few more brief lines of script, Bryan produced a bulging leather pouch of illegal augmentation crystals from the mines of Waterdeep and placed it upon the open Journey Book. When he was sure no one was watching he closed the book on the message and the leather pouch; when it shut the book was not hindered by the pouch- it closed completely transporting gemstones, pouch and message to the Master of Shadows.


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