Friday, December 16, 2011

In Search Of... Part 2

My dearest Nenoic,

Rillifane Rallathil has blessed me and the mission to the Sword Coast; I am having some success my love. Not only are the aspects that are needed here, they will be easy obtained. Already I have made acquaintances that are willing to help, provided of course I aid them.

These individuals include: Princess Linea from Moonshae, she is knowledgeable with aspects of nature elements and travels with an unusual pet; Renwood, a wise man in the druidic traditions of the humans, he possess the fabled Staff of the Unyielding Oak; and finally a Dryad of surprising power, vigor, and motivation.

Together search for the Dryad’s closest friend, a korred named Oakplume who disappeared the night I arrived. I will assist the three in finding the fey Oakplume; after which they promised to aid us in restoring Evermeet my Green Lady.

My heart shall weep until it sees thee again,

The elf prince looked out at Waterdeep Harbor, tied the letter to the owl and prepared to meet with Renwood and the others; they would begin their search this night.

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