Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wards of Waterdeeep Pt. 1 (Castle Ward, Trades Ward & The City of the Dead)

The Castle Ward lies at the heart of Waterdeep, wrapping around the eastern slopes of Mt. Waterdeep. This ward is home to the city's administrative buildings and buildings of state. Generally only the wealthy and powerful live here, and then only if they are involved in the daily intrigue and "night life", the social cut-and-thrust of city life. A number of temple complexes and education centers occupy this ward, though their effects on the ward as the center of the city's political life are minimal. Noteable locations include: Castle Waterdeep, The Market, New Olamn, and the Yawning Portal.

Trades Ward lies in the eastern half of Waterdeep, encircling the western and southern walls of the City of the Dead. Given over almost entirely to commerce, Trades Ward lacks the feeling of community found in the more residential wards, but retains the hustle and bustle of a marketplace throughout the day and night. Notable landmarks of Trades Ward include the Court of the White Bull, the Plinth, and Virgin's Square.

The City of the Dead is a walled enclosure on the eastern edge of Trades Ward is the general cemetery for the City of Splendors, and its size nearly makes it a ward in and-of itself. Many citizens visit the City of the Dead's park-like green lawns and white marble tombs during the day, for it is one of the few place's dominated by greenery that the citizens of Waterdeep can share within the city walls.
A Watch contingent keeps the' cemetery peaceful, and various members of the Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters keep torches lit around and inside a number of the tombs. The grounds are off-limits after dusk, and the gates are locked. Nevertheless, many individuals still hold clandestine meetings at night in the City of the Dead, despite the risk.

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