Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The appearance of ' BloodLust'

Kallina, Briar and Arsten were all enjoying a mug with Bordane, who was gritting his teeth as he was trying to explain why the barbarians to the north were so worthy of hatred from the more civilized nobles of Waterdeep. A pair of northmen were drinking at the bar, and the they were teasing a third man, their companion it was surmised, for being hornswaggled by a thing they called Fewmaster Toade. Apparently the man hac been drunk and robbed blind, but the repeated mention of this Toade had simply pushed Bordane into a fit sarcasm and ridicule for "ridiculous superstition", until he demanded to know who or what this Toade was about.

Briar jumped at the chance to share some of this very old, yet still alive fairy tale.
"Fewmaster Toade is equal parts fairy tale and boogey man in the tales from the tribes of the north. In most tales, he is a clever and powerful hobgoblin trickster, though he has the power to take several other forms. His most common form was a giant frog, but in almost every legend told of this evil trickster, he drinks a magic elixir that allows him to grow as tall as a frost giant. This is his favorite trick, and he uses it to bash opponents and grow stronger than anything in his path. Through the ages, he is said to roam the roads and trails of the north selling potions and robbing and killing customers who won't buy."

Briar basked in the attention of her friends and continued " Even today children are threatened with being sold to Fewmaster when they misbehave, young lovers are warned of the night potion peddler on their midnight trysts, and people that become lost or missing are assumed to be victims of his swords lust for murder."

She let that hang in the air for a bit savoring the look in Bordanes eye as this tale finally caught his interest. She leaned forward as he arched an eyebrow, and went on.
" Fewmaster had learned of a mighty warrior in the tribes, a warrior so fierce that many thought he could call his own horde, and found a new clan. Well, Toade believed that all this warriors power came from his sword, so Fewmaster devised a plot to trick him out of it. Toade prepared two potions for the battle. One of course was to change him to giant size, but the other was enchanted to make the drinker be driven mad. This one he tied to his vest with a loose string. He then went to the warriors village and began to hurl insults at the warrior and his family.It did not take long for the warrior to anser the challenge, and as he drew his legendary sword called 'BloodLust' swore to kill Toade where he stood. Toade answered the cry by drinking his growth potion, leaving the trick potion in plain sight. The warrior sees the potion and quickly changes his tactics to snatch the potion and drink it so that he too becomes the size of a giant. Of course, he is instead immediately stricken with madness, and Toade is able to wrestle the blade free, only to taste for the first time the holy rage with in the sword. The blade chopped the warriors body until it lay in many pieces. Only then would the sword allow itself to be sheathed. And Fewmaster Toade has worn 'BloodLust' ever after as his weapon of choice."

Bordane sat, silently impressed that she could spin tales that didn't have a happy ending , or even a positive message. His smile was cut short, howevere, as Briar leaned in with another mug and asked him oh so sweetly " Will Azriel be coming to
Amphail with us Bordane? I think she brings out the best in you!!"


James Caruso said...

Awesome post- that sword is sweet!

James Caruso said...

Briar: "I deserved that"