Monday, December 19, 2011

Talisman of Pure Good (Azure)

In a celestial divergence to its counterpart; the seven aspects of good came down not as one, but as seven talismans.
After the shattering of domains as aspects upon the Realms, so too was the aspect of good into seven like parts; each a unique shape but equally apart of a whole.

The Talisman referred to itself as Azure; yes it was blue and it was unique from its siblings because it also knew individuality. It knew danger and it knew the possibilities, evil was in play and only with all its components could Azure hope to bring the world back into balance. Azure believed that if evil is allowed to prevail at the end of the year and a day- there would be a prominence of evil deities in the halls of the new pantheon.

The Talisman sees its path before it very well and after a time it calls out for it must have allies; agents for the good of the Realm.

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