Friday, December 23, 2011

Ascending to Knighthood

To ascend as a Knight of the Firelance and become Tet under Sai Piergerion of the Eld (as in Eldrich blood): a *Gunslinger must swear to abide Sai Piergeiron as dinh; leader of the Ka-Tet. Furthermore...

A Knight should have demonstrable personal *grit and expertise that has been largely learned through apprenticeship under a sponsoring Firelance Knight.

A Knight should be human and reside in Waterdeep except when on campaign or under orders from the Dinh.

A gunslinger must display proficiency at crafting firearms and gunsmithing skills by crafting their own firearm.

The firearm, a gunslingers weapon, must be forged from a magical sword (or equivalent) of at least 20,000 gp. value. (Symbolizing the forever sheathing of the sword for the way of the gun.)

A Firelance Knight must possess the requisite leadership qualities and tactical skills that are nessessary in the theater of politics and on the field of battle.

The Firelance Gunslinger should play a prominent role in one or more combat, protection, and or war oriented faiths like Tempus, Torm, and or Helm.

A Gunslinger Knight must have a sizable personal or house garrison of no less than two-hundred fifty warriors; of which one must enlist and be tested as possible gunslinger apprentice. (this is Arsten Thunderstaff)

Finally a Knight should conform to the wearing of Dragon hide armor- obtained only by the gunslinger killing a dragon and crafting the armor from its scales. Not by mercantile exchange. As well as duties, errands and post as assigned by the Dinh.

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