Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Search Of...

Kith-Kanan, ninth prince of Evermeet, stepped off the gangplank onto the pier, wrinkling his nose. It had been 120 years since he'd last visited Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, and it had not improved at all in that time. Only vermin lived like this, on top of each other. Somehow, these humans not only survived, they thrived.

He mentally reviewed the letter that held his instructions;

My Dearest,

As we have spoken before, our fair land faces increasingly troubled times. The heat continues to rise, and our water stores and resources dwindle. Since the Godsfall, nature itself wishes to rend our world to pieces. To prevent the Shining Isle's fall, I must have certain godly powers that have been split amongst Toril. The closest nature powers, or aspects, have come to rest in that great city to the east, Waterdeep. Please, my beloved, seek out those powers, capture them in this vial of moon-blessed water I have given you. Do what you must to retrieve them, and save our homeland.

Forever yours,


Nenioc. The Green Lady. His half-elven love. It was practically unheard of that anyone but a full blooded elf could set foot upon Evermeet, but this druidess had earned his people's love and trust. At the foot of the gangplank, Kith-Kanan pushed away the mental assault that the crush of humanity forced on him and fingered the small amulet, shaped like a maple leaf, scanning the city. Nenioc, who had made the amulet, had told him that the item's power would allow him to see those who had the aspects he searched for. A nimbus of light would surround those persons, to his eyes, and this light could be seen from a great distance.

Higher up the slope, away from the Waterdhavian docks, he spied the telltale glows that signified his prey. Wrapping his magical cloak about him, and checking to make sure he'd had his scroll that would protect him from natural spirits, or elemental, secure in his belt, he waded into the masses

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