Friday, December 30, 2011

Tales from the Host Tower of the Arcane

Kyrrolla’s view from the sixth level of the Host Tower was spectacular; the snowcapped Spine of the World Mts. to the north; the icy Trackless Sea to the west; and in the distance she could see thick patches of snow covering the higher buildings of Luskan. The panoramic view did not however; repress her wander lust as the sorceress often found it hard to remain in one place for long. Before coming to the Host Tower under the guidance of Karlott, she traveled Faerun in search of rare magic and exotic sorcerer bloodlines; she recorded all her findings in a journal that, since the godsfall, has taken on an aspect of… Knock. Knock. Two even raps at the door roused the sorceress from her day dream.  

As she strode towards the door and her unknown caller; she lightly touched her small crystal ball, a felled gemstone from the sky, it floated in air trailing closely behind her. She reached the door and peered through the gem of seeing set in the portal’s center to see… nothing? Alarmed, she launched into practiced spell casting of protective magics about her when suddenly- the door to her apartment ceased to exist. Light beamed into her abode and in walked a man of unexceptional stature, and nonthreatening of appearance, but coercive and insidious, it was Karlott.
No wonder she could not perceive him, she knew well of his amulet of proof against detection and location; no one could perceive him unless he wanted them to. His face was pallid but not gaunt; his hair, as white as his robes, fell straight and on his head sat a mithril crown forged by a githyanki sorcerer- before the aberration exodus. Once he was clear of the threshold the door returned.

Karlott knew his visit to the sorceress elevated her among her peers, and took pleasure in the level of influence he was gaining at the Host Tower. Sorcerers possessed a like mind and recognized the importance of pure bloodlines.  Pleased at his reception Karlott took stock of the abode; the view of Luskan; and finally the sorceress.

 “Eternal One! It pleases me greatly to see you. You have caught me unawares I admit, please allow me to prepare something to facilitate our palaver.” Kyrrolla moved to her capacious office where a secret chest held what she desired. Producing an elixir containing a clear gelatinous substance, she began to fill two shot glasses. Deducing the purpose of Karlott’s visit she began to exaggerate her progress of the task he placed her on not that long ago.

“I have succeeded in the blockade effort as you commanded. Several posts are in place along the road and mounted scouts patrol a mile off the road north and south to make sure no one attempts an overland route. No ore will be coming out from Mirabar, not at least until the thaw.”

Karlott regarded her closely, “Excellent, that is only a piece of the great tapestry; more is required to assure success. Damn the gods and their folly! I will have to focus my efforts in making sure their mischief do not ruin centuries of planning. With regret I am forced to rely on others to carry out most other tasks.” Implication was heavy in his tone.

Kyrrolla nodded her understanding and handed him one of the shot glasses. “To success.” She offered, they toasted, and they drank. The libation slid down his throat, it was like swallowing a malleable ice cube and it tasted like burning black licorice.

Karlott continued. “I have seen to the war alliance; the War Chieftans of Rauthym, Turen, and the Whalebone settlements have acknowledged High Captain Taerl of Luskan as War Lord. They agreed to focus their hostilities on a common foe. Already they make preparations for a spring offensive on the Sword Coast.” He pointed out said coast on a nearby map for added impact.

He looked at Kyrrolla, “In Luskan, there is a tet of gunslingers recently arrived from Waterdeep; they come insisting reparations be made for the attack on Leilon.” Karlott explained when Kyrrolla responded,

“Peace keepers of the realm!” She mocked. “Did you know they have the impudence to demand fifteen…”

“I know. I also know how to respond to these primates with pistols; primitive ‘knights’ who do not possess even a trace of a true bloodline!” Karlott assured her. "This is how I want you to deal with them…”

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