Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tales of Three Blind Mice

The Cardinal peered with dark eyes from behind his cowl searching for his fellow conspirators; everything was proceeding although not as quickly as his Eminence, the Cardinal, would have liked. The Cardinal had enlisted some of the church’s faith as well as three other members in the order to aid in this most important repositioning in religious hierarchy. Among them his Eminence’s consort, a sensual-powerful woman of the night; the Archbishop, a trusted assassin for the church; and the Ghost, a revered but diseased Abbot.

Silently the Ghost emerged through a dark hall and proceeded down the corridor just as previously arranged. Next the seemingly benign Archbishop, his deadly weapons invisible, followed the silent procession. Finally the Cardinal fell in line keeping the Ghost in view; he could feel the heated- passionate breath of his consort close at his side. “Soon” she whispered. The Archbishop clenched is fist in anticipation.

No one had seen these halls for centuries or the Chamber of Fate at the base of the tower; the center of everything. Within the Chamber was a great tome written during the dawn of time and the beginning of creation. Within its covers were the precepts of their hierarchy outlining their roles and placement in their religious order.

The Chamber of Fate was expansive- indeed able to contain a modest town, and the tower was said to penetrate each plane of existence. Sounds of hundreds of prayers echoed in the Chamber as well as the feeling of trillions of eyes focused on the four conspirators. Dim prismatic light illuminated the stone dais on which the Tome of Precepts sat. An autumnal breeze like that wrought of the North billowed at the Ghost as it approached the Tome and searched for the verses and psalms that heralded its devotions. Next the Archbishop, then the Cardinal and his consort; each set of eyes reflected the light emanating from the Tome of Precepts.

As the Archbishop reached for the tome to begin rewriting his place in the church- he was wracked with ultimate pain as the Ghost suddenly possessed him and extinguished his life force so completely as if the Archbishop never existed. Now as Archbishop and Abbot, the Ghost turned to face the Cardinal, his eyes hungry with greed- then went painfully wide as the Cardinal, with a satisfying smile on his face; completed his treachery killing the Abbot in the Archbishop’s body.

“A perfect double-cross my love.” She silently applauded her lover. The Cardinal looked to her, his eyes were no longer the color of oblivion but blood-red the color of murder; he shed a tear of joy at his ultimate triumph. Soon he alone would be Cardinal, Archbishop and Abbot of the order! The light faded from the tome and the Cardinal reached out to the Tome of Precepts to rewrite his destiny.


robm1171 said...

hey, they're meeting in Ahghairon's Tower... that's the tower that had the magical field around it that Damian was able to penetrate, in Waterdeep... at least, that's the same picture

James said...

I don't remember if I was clear on this: the ghost represents myrkul god of the dead, and the assassin symbolizes baal the god of murder.

The cardinal- bane and the woman shar.