Friday, July 22, 2011

Where was Eva?

There is a dominating presence heavy upon the warp marble as it sits in Marshana’s hoard. Eva felt this immediately after entering the marble and realized that she may not ever be able to leave. Then came a desolate feeling of separation from her Samular brothers and sisters; Eva could no longer feel her connection to them. Unremarked before hand, the bond was only now noticeable by its alarming absence.

Then the magical eye appeared; it was searching for something. Was it the cultists looking for her? Eva didn’t think so. Was the eye was searching for the warp marble? The eye was always getting closer; at times Eva thought it could look into her soul. If the eye was looking for the marble she feared that the marble would be easier to find while it was in use, if someone knew the item well enough, but alas Eva couldn’t remedy that even if she wanted to.

The interior of the warp marble was an empty space of darkness save for a twenty foot area of illumination where a fine couch and an ornate desk with an exquisite single chair sat; all of them large size. Indeed, all appear sized for an ogre. It was from behind these furnishings that Eva hid from the scrying eye.

Time became confused for Eva; she could not mark its passage with periods of rest or even the eventual pangs of hunger or thirst. These processes seemed not necessary while in the marble. So Eva spent her time endlessly hiding and waiting for the time when she could make her escape.

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