Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tauron and Eden

The Forest of Wyrms that served as Marshana’s lair was also her bond. The nights reached arctic temperatures while the heat felt during the days rivaled that of hell itself. The summer heat along with the near constant rains made the forest of Wyrms tropical.

The Cult of the Dragon member Umran Fletcher and his three companions labored at the peril of the young lords and lass. Ignoring no one they visited many forms of pain and anguish upon Tauron and Eden in the months to follow.

For Tauron they repeatedly cast charm after charm upon the cavalier, planting suggestions, breaking his resolve and uttering questions to gather information on Tauron’s ka-tet and their many allies. Over the many weeks Eden became Tauron’s will-focus when the vile Umran came upon him with his magical interrogatives; Tauron drew upon her strength. And Tauron became the same for Eden. All of the cultists, one by one and sometimes in pairs visited horrible violations upon Eden- all within Tauron’s view. Eden would draw her inner strength and resilience from the stout cavalier in an effort to separate her mind from the daily abuses her body endured.
Not only was Tauron forced to watch as Eden was humiliated and beaten, their captors robbed everyone of sleep often keeping Tauron and everyone else awake for days or so drugged and docile that time had no meaning. They were rarely fed, keeping the Samular ka-tet weak; the only water to be had was in the form of rain drops that fell from the summer’s incessant violent rain storms.


Gordzilla said...

A ka-tet is a group of beings brought together by ka. "We are ka-tet. We are one from many," Ka-tet is the belief that a group of people can be tied together by fate, or ka. It is said that a group has shared "khef" or the water of life. in simple terms, "ka-tet" means family.

"ka" refers to the Egyptian word for life force.

James said...

Awesome. :)

James said...

Butch, level up Tauren to sixth level (35,001 xp). Also you can swap out one feat for another and switch around four skill points.