Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bordane and Chadwick & Griffith

For an unknown passing of days Bordane found himself secured to traitor’s cross in a grove surrounded by a forest that writhed and moved of its own accord. The Forest of Wryms was like a rain forest, hot, humid and oppressive. Chadwick and Griffith joined Bordane; they too were bound with vines and thorns to similar crosses. The thorns bit deeply into flesh and their nectar rooted in Bordane’s blood.

The Cult of the Dragon spared the rod with these three. Instead they were forced to imbibe noxious liquids and fed rotten meat and strange plants. Crippling sickness gripped Bordane Agundar, Chadwick Cassalanter and Griffith Cragsmere. An experience the three would later proclaim had to be suffered to be appreciated; it could not be justly described. Furthermore, emotional strains on their psyche also beat at the trio; never before did the separation from their ka-tet affect them more.
Throughout the captivity a constant, barely audible muttering echoed in Bordane’s ears. It gave him inner strength to survive and persevere when his body was on the verge; through often it was beyond comprehension. The voice was deep and strong, and like a dream it quickly faded from Bordane. Focusing all his energy on listening, Bordane could sometimes catch a verse. 

“Disseminate the tyranny that gives us power.
Discover the strife that gives us order.
All shall know the horror of the Black Hand. (Become superior)
Those who stand firm opposing will cower.
Extinguish the meek, their defeat makes us stronger.
All shall know the horror of the Black Hand. (Become superior)”

“Rise above your captors Bordane Agundar! I did not save you from the clearing at the end of the path only to see you meet your end here… you have unfinished business.”

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robm1171 said...

Bordane: Those... those bastards... A curse on any Dragon Cult member. Their dead bodies shall form the steps to my, OUR, thrones.