Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where was Briar?

The dragon and the forest were as one. It had come and dominated the flora and consumed the fauna. Marshana was very young when she came to the forest. Shortly thereafter creatures and individuals began to arrive and pay homage to her: the Yuan Ti was eager to follow her and eventually the Cult of the Dragon. They were passionate, bordering on aggressive in their decree: Dragons are as gods; fill their hoards; seek patronage; gain favor and power. Among their number Briar saw the elusive sage Umran Fletcher; the Waterdeep city watchman Saymon; and two other cultists only known as Sai Green and Sai White.

During the weeks that followed the first battle with Marshana and the Cultists, Briar stayed mostly to the outskirts of the Forest of Wyrms where she was forced to live off a land that was Marshana’s dominion. Animals it seems are rare in the forest so a murder of crows or a solitary woman would attract unwanted attention. Briar knew they would be looking for her. Keeping a close eye on the fate of her companions all the while looking for Eva who mayhap escaped, Briar assumed the Cultists were waiting for the next moment in which they would kill them all- Midsummer Night.

During her last trip to Marshana’s lair Briar spied a startling gathering of familiar faces; one new face; and an old unwelcome one. Gathered around a worked stone table, was the dragon Marshana, Umran, a blue dragon that was much larger than Marshana and Morius Brokengulf. They were engaged in some strange game of skill, bartering and gambling for the rights to everything gained from capturing the Samular bastards. In the end Marshana won most of the prisoners’ items and equipment and added them to her hoard; Umran and his ilk won the privilege of killing the prisoners when the time came; Morius took the Sword with the trapped spirit, the Elemental Ring, the Jewel of Attacks as well as any other cursed item, and the blue dragon won the flasks of blue flame and the Samular heirlooms handed down by the zombies; then flew north.

Briar could only watch and wait until the time came to strike back at the Cultists.

With the peal of lighting and the roll of thunder from yet another approaching storm, a thick fog rolled into the Green dragon’s glade - lair. It was Midsummer night; a night of ceremony as the Mead moon of Flamerule waxed into the Peddler’s Moon, the one-eyed scoundrel of Eleasias.

Briar watched as the four cultists gathered about a fire of blue-white flame and held aloft their ceremonial tools; daggers carved from dragon horns. They presented them each in turn to Marshana who nodded in eager anticipation. Suddenly the sound of a sword freed from its scabbard broke the night; a crack of lightening and a flash of blood and all four cultists where suddenly engaged in deadly combat in front of the dragon against the Company of the Nine. Marshana had come to despise these nine children; their pompous existence offended her greatly and now they had somehow rallied to freedom. She commanded her followers to attack.

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