Friday, July 22, 2011

House Rules (All Characters)

  Reminders and clarifications on rules and such from when we started-
Character order: Russ (20), Rob (9), Butch (7) & Troy (4).

Characters may only multiclass at most between two classes, a third prestige class may be taken, arcane spellcaster classes are restricted.

Athletics is a new Str-based skill that functions for Climb/Swim.

Perception is used for all Sense Motive checks; characters with Sense Motive as a class skill add Perception to their class skill list.

Clerics, fighters, paladins, sorcerers, summoners, witch and wizards skill points per level is 3 +Int. Slow progression XP chart.

Acknowledging new books to the PF game (APG & UM), and coming back from a break (also story wise it makes sense after such a lengthy, traumatic experience) I’m going to allow for limited character re-training: we can take time to change one feat for another and be able to reallocate 4 skill points.
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