Monday, July 25, 2011

Damian and Wayne

Damian and Wayne were restrained in such a way as to face each other. Never before had Damian been so overwhelmed with stimuli that he lost touch with reality. No longer was Damian dim to the effects of magic; now it was being used to overload his senses, making him delirious, dazed and drowning in his thoughts. All manner of horrors were brought about for Damian and Wayne, always with nightmarish results. With Damian it came in the form of phantasmal snakes, flying vipers, and ravenous reptiles but for Wayne it came as deadly rabid animals and vermin; Wayne was irrationally fearful of rabies.

Often times Wayne was utilized as a torture device, physically appearing to Damian as his most hated rival and at other times in their lengthy captivity Damian was ensorcelled in such a way as to likewise torment Wayne.

All of this pain and anguish as another dragon came calling to Marshana that summer. Midnight-blue in color, her scales brilliantly reflected the stars and the moon. Marshana and this new arrival held palaver for many weeks; when it was over the new dragon left with the bottles of blue flame and the Samluar items, leaving the captured seven to the whims of Marshana and the Cult of the Dragon.

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