Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review (7/20/11) End of Book One: Dragon Age

Our session begins in the Vial and Flask and a brief meeting with the recently returned trio of Kiton, Spade and Farley (who had suffered the loss of a finger). During the heist they were set upon by a strange creature, assumed to be some sort of choker. They were successful, however; goods and commodities remain in the secret cache, as does the choker. Delivery of the haul of commodities (silver bars, silks, spears, components, and non-perishable foodstuffs) is arranged. The value of the haul is estimated between 5k and 10k gold. 500 gold paid to each until an official value can be made. Auge gives Pilini provisional officer status and put to task about the six ‘token’ thieves and to spread word about the thieves’ challenge to come. The White Spider shall be monitored until she recovers.

Auge coordinates laborers to begin work on the thieves’ gauntlet; Versel begins arranging Dragonbane warriors to use the Crippled Bone as barracks after the clean up; Durg points out that Tamros and therefore the Liquor Commission owes SONS Commodities 10k gold; and Jaren begins preparations for the ceremonies to come.

9am. Obadiah’s hour long memorial and procession was filled with everything one would expect when you lay to rest someone who was revered and respected by the city. However; during the procession of the casket many unreliable and confusing events occurred. Auge loses stretches of time including the battle with what his brothers describe as a ‘dragon-skull’ vargouille. This undead thing vomited maggots and devoured individuals including a Greystone Dwarf. Even Durg was subject to these strange occurrences- sometime during the battle he mysteriously left.

When the dragon-vargouille vanished and the chaos of battle eased both Auge and Durg were unaccounted for. While Auge was open to conversing via message, Durg was silent. After a quick trip to the Black Crown and Youvalon, Jaren remembered the map that is attuned to our watermarks. However that was in our lair, which is surely being watch. Teleporting into the lair we discover that Durg is in the Driftdowns and that there is some emergency in the Cinder Block. In a quick response we make our way through the kitchens to see several enfeebled and unconscious patrons and employees. The brains of some have been removed and there is the smell of illithids in the air- they were here, now in the Cinder Block looking for us.

10am. There we were: Jaren cursed with a disease, Auge and Versel- stand amidst a counterattack by their enemies and faced with a choice: Go after Durg? Or root out invaders in our home? After a brief discussion on the matter we agree to evict the illithid invaders; my they reach a fiery end.


James said...

Before we forget, maybe we should indicate who has used thrie wish and who has not. I used mine.

Russ said...

Only Jaren is still armed with a wish. Durg used his for the White bastards to appease mother. Auge used his on the daemon ambush to protect the fliers club. & Versel used his saving his brothers in the Beholder / illithid encounter where we won the Red Keep. :-)

James said...


James said...

Jaren purchased the silver bars from auge, however the exact overall value had yet to be assed by auge. What ever portion of the commodities are silver bars, jaren now has.