Friday, July 15, 2011

Guild-master Auge

The grand opening of the Block continues indeed! In order to establish order in the Liquor Commission under me, I will hold contests of skill and stealth, and see who is worthy to hold rank, and who is the most deadly.

Spread the word to Spade and Farley, Pilini, Gerto’s trio, Wrathful Spider and these six ‘token’ thieves that a proving time has come! It is time for them to earn their place as guild officer or cut purse… just in time for the spring economic boom that is guaranteed and the opportunities that will follow when the streets are clear.

Kiton? I have special plans for him…

Three on One: One brawler in the middle wearing nine items of value and three unarmed thieves. The contest amounts to three turns consisting of the thieves tumbling, jumping or moving against the brawler simultaneously while all attempting to remove a single item off the combatant, while avoiding being hit, slammed or grabbed; no attacks are allowed by the rogues. At the end of each turn the items picked are appraised and totaled. The total value picked at the end of three turns determines the winner. Winners from each match move on to the Heist.

The Heist: a hammer and stone (capture the flag) style contest, except the losing team may yet capture the win if they correctly ascertain who conducted the heist. The winning team advances to the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet: Conducted at the Liquor Commission Brewery, this event will mark the ‘grand opening’ of a gauntlet of pits and traps, obstacles and swings for future and existing Liquor Commission thieves. However, now the gauntlet will be use to determine who will administer my commands.

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