Saturday, July 23, 2011

Conviction (All Characters)

Whether its luck, talent, or sheer determination, that something extra is called Conviction. Your Charisma modifier equals your Conviction points. Unless otherwise noted, spending a Conviction point is a reaction, taking no time, and can be done at any time. You may spend only one Conviction point per round on any of the following:
  • Dodge Bonus: You can spend a Conviction point whenever you are denied your dodge bonus, but are still capable of action (surprised, flat-footed, and so forth). In this case, you retain your dodge bonus until your next action.
  • Escape Death: Spending a Conviction point automatically stabilizes a dying character (you or someone you are assisting) although this doesn’t protect the character from further damage.
  • Heroic Feat: You can spend a Conviction point to gain the benefits of a feat you don’t already have for one round. You must be capable of acquiring the feat normally, meaning it must be a feat available to your class and you must meet all the prerequisites.
  • Recover:  You can spend a Conviction point to recover faster from damage. A Conviction point allows you to immediately shake off a stunned or fatigued condition. If you are exhausted, spending a Conviction point causes you to become fatigued. If you have suffered damage, a Conviction point allows you an immediate recovery check (see full-round actions). This check is made normally; the Conviction point just allows you to make it as a reaction. While disabled, you can spend a Conviction point to take a strenuous action for one round without worsening your condition.
  • Re-roll: Spend a Conviction point to re-roll any d20 roll you make and take the better of the two rolls. On a result of 1 through 10 on the second roll, add 10 to the result; an 11 or higher remains as-is. You must spend the Conviction point to improve a roll before you know the result of your roll.
  • Surge: Gain an additional standard or move action, before or after your normal actions for the round (your choice). Using this extra action does not change your place in the initiative order. You can use a standard action gained from a surge to start or complete a full round action in conjunction with your normal actions for the round.
**Regaining Conviction Characters regain one point of Conviction each day; in addition characters also regain Conviction by acting in accordance with their nature or alignment. When a character successfully does something in accordance with his core beliefs- that affirms his conviction, he therefore regains a point of Conviction. The GM decides when an action is appropriate for the character’s natures and awards the Conviction point if he is successful.


harrygoblin said...

Does conviction replace action dice?

James said...

Yes, we used conviction rules when we started the campaign so we will be using them again.