Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review (7/6/2011)

We begin our session with magical preparations for the Hammer and Stone event against the Rockhammer dwarves who… came prepared to win. The contest began at nine o'clock with enthusiastic declarations of the names and titles of each participant and as well as the “stone” offered as a prize and functioning ‘flag’ for the game. Theirs was a family heirloom in the form of a legacy hammer; ours, was a headband of intellect (+4), symbolizing craft, craftsman ship and cunning - benchmarks of the Cinder Block. This was what the capacity crowd was waiting for. Old vs. New.

Early on we discovered they had two invisible team members (one was an outsider); their names: Scopsstone, Baltor, Vorstrag, Klar, Hate (outsider), and Godwin. Durg and Auge would forage out- deeper into the field, Auge would make for the hammer and Jaren and Vercel would defend. Jaren opened with tremendous fire and then quickly summoned hell hounds to defend the headband- our 'flag'. Near by, Vercel and Durg were drawn into combat eventually dropping a dwarf. Invisible, Auge intervened and healed Durg and was suddenly castled (thanks to Jaren)- to find himself next to the dwarves hammer; the remaining dwarven defender was none the wiser as to Auge's presence.

It would be talked about in Stormhaven for many years. Of how Auge stole the stone out from under a dwarf, covered the distance to where Vercel and Durg were teaching the dwarves how you never want to fight the sons of Nissian; when Jaren magically transported the stone the rest of the way to a flawless victory.

During all the cheers Jaren asked the dwarves if it was proper to deny the hammer for an alternate prize . Thereby preserving their legacy and not wishing to invite the Trojan Horse into our midst. (5,000 gold was given to each of us the next day) They even promised to buy one of Jaren’s magical fire pits.

Later Auge met with Kiton who expressed that he would only work for Auge. Kiton (the dire ape-man) was introduced to the former stairguards: Spade and Farley who soon explained the plan. With all in agreement, Auge and Kiton as well, the three left immediately for the lost hold of merchant wares. 

Jaren rewarded Egil with a 250 gold bar; Vesper completed the armor transaction with Durg and someone herd that individuals were looking for the white spider. (who the next day awoke and left into Stormhaven) The night lasted until 2am then we retired for the evening.

The next day Auge begins a morning routine of creating magical tattoos on a first come basis. The morning also brings an invitation to the hall of voices today and that Obadiah’s funeral would be pushed to Wednesday.

Later, Jaren led us on recovery of the dire elephants- only one body found, which also yielded one-hundred pounds of ivory.

When we return, the volcano dwarf craftsmen came with… swords and stuff; the only remaining blades to be crafted are Auge’s dagger and the unclaimed short sword and scimitar. Auge receives a spear which he renames “the Inquisitor” and Jaren receives a long sword. (Thanks Russ for the pic)

5:30 pm. many rats nest merchant supporters from the neighborhood talk of an 'upside regime', a rally for protection from Socordia. We, consistent in our stance, push for working with her; as long as our goals parallel, as long as they don’t intersect…

Hall of Voices: We invite certain individuals including the volcano dwarves to the hall of voices. 500 in attendance, 50 of those are with us. Over two hours of titles and declarations, death decrees and proclamations before discussion wanes to news of the unsafe warehouse district and the status of the driftdowns. It is known that the Firefly Cathedral has secured the Mausoleum and aspires to become holy ground; they do known of an alien jailer or dark power aka. the aboleth; and Uvrock is declared a criminal. Four hours pass while the council moves to fill vacancies. Vercel, Arkiel are nominated as council members for Sons and Twilight House respectively. None oppose the nominations and once the Rockhammers, Greystones, and the Seawillows throw their support behind Vercel both are soon confirmed.

Their is a grand swearing in ceremony as the stroke of midnight where we end the session. On the calendar: Meeting with Socordia tomorrow at noon.

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