Friday, July 15, 2011

Review (7/13/2011)

We begin the session with a trip to the Liquor Commission Brewery and a midnight meeting with Torgar, Tamros’ brother and (now) administrator of the legitimate side of the Commission. The building, lager than even the Cinder Block, we learn was the primary brewing facility. Located within was a small office were other callers: Liesle and a Black Crown representative Evaristus Phocas (Focus with a p-h); standing in observance of an agreement between the Black Crown and the Liquor Commission.

After the agreement is finalized, it is revealed that a truce has been extended by Roland VanFleet and the Money Changers. Discussion visited many theories supposing that the truce is bogus to outright ignoring the futile plea. It was Jaren who insinuated a monkey wrench and suggested the Rakshasa may be involved. It was decided to do nothing at this time.

Our talk with Torgar lasted till 2am- as information was freely traded. Torgar was informed of the alien jailer and how it is believed that Tamros has befallen a fate worse than death as a slave to the jailer. Upon this, he shared a dwarven tale of such a creature worshiped as a god. Torgar was also informed of the political sway we have. Versel asked how Torgar knew of Tamros’ acquaintances like Vesper and Lindel Thinskin; he did not produce any new information.

Later Auge is recognized and given the guildmaster scrolls for the Liquor Commission. Auge also arranges political contributions to Versel and Arkiel and contract with the Black Crown, through the Liquor Commission, as supplier for components for the Vial and Flask; 2,500 gold to that endeavor.

On our return to the Cinder Block we ventured by the Creeping Rose where six tokens were retrieved from Liquor Commission thieves (to be detailed later) indicating that they had dues to compensate. Forwarding contact information was left behind on the Creeping Rose.

2am. At the Cinder Block in Tamros’ room was found a book (that contained the dwarf fable from earlier) and some minor personal affects. Beyond that Auge and the brothers retired for the evening, save for Durg. He decided that a trio of platoons would enjoy surprise 2 am exercises this morning, followed by arena sparing; and forced march patrols before their day beings in full.

The next morning finds Jaren speaking with a bard about the dissemination of certain information with her bardic skills. While learning that Dierdra of the Underwriters enjoys another five year term, Jaren tells her to speak highly for Versel in political circles; bolster consumer confidence that post-solstice clean up nicknamed ‘Clean Streets’ has commenced; and name Uvrock as public enemy number one and a criminal. She agreed as her civic duty.

Auge opens the Vial and Flask for magical tattoos- only one this day; which was good because there was the guildmaster scrolls to examine. Contained were procedures and accounting measures as well as the key to the six tokens and corresponding six thieves from the night before.

Until noon and our visit to Socordia Jaren puts in some time at the office; Vercel followed up on some lifter’s guild candidates and Durg, does what Durg does.

Shortly after twelve-noon we find ourselves entering the staircase keep where powerful overwhelming magic and wards are felt. Was it magic? Was it draconic presence? Was it the duke-devil? We find Socordia in the chapel with a diabolical creature with a presence so powerful its gaze probed our souls for our vary truenames. Auge was overwhelmed. With our business with Socordia to begin the menace leaves, to Durg’s relief.

Beginning by speaking well of ourselves- we spread Sloth’s name and title positively and we as both the Cinder Block and individually have been elevated in Stormhaven- we learn Socordia is in a dilemma, a dilemma that affects each of us. The devil is after Nissian and believes he can do this through us; therefore he sought Socordia to be set on the road to our truenames. She makes crazy terms to keep secret what she may or may not know; Vercel counter offers. We will support her rule and maintain that the acceptance of draconic influence is a reality, we will aid in her goal to return to the driftdowns, and vote yes on the council for her twenty percent tariff on all goods that pass through the stairs. She agreed to stay silent on putting the devil on his path as well as a boon: if we defeated the alien jailer, she would put us on the trail to our truenames- for better or worse.

After that we traveled to the Crippled Bone embassy at 2pm to assess the structure. We all agree that property values are bound to rise and we would do well to exercise this notion.

3-11pm: Auge crafts. Versel reads. Jaren crafts. Durg crashes.

7am. Wednesday morning Arkeil joins us and informs of the unrest that is within Twilight House. Pilini busts in and says the White Spider in at the Vial and Flask. Clearly she is under some magical compulsion or a geas, Jaren and then Durg attempts and then succeeds in dispelling the magic forcing her to comply. While tending to her while she rests, Kiton, Farley and Spade return alive from their venture.

We begin next week with Obidah’s funeral within the hour (Auge will attend after all). On the docket is Thursday- Hall of Voices; Friday- Mind flayer/warehouse; Saturday- double dark dwarven stout effect ends; Sunday- nothing (Neutral Grounds Finals?); Monday- swords and stuff (final: dagger, short sword, and scimitar).

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