Monday, August 1, 2011

Level Up!

"Companions, I thank you, all of you, for your brave and courageous fight for these many weeks. That we deliver the killing blows that killed Marshana and her vile cultists, that we are the hunters of the Cult, is vengeance and richly deserved justice. Tymora must surely smile on our endeavors, for the luck of Her touch was evident every where this fate-filled day. It says to me that luck favors the bold, hunters bold enough to hunt these dragon scourge in their lairs, gamblers bold enough to accept risk to claim success and gain, companions bold enough to take their destinies. Us. We the Company of Nine. Tymora shines on us. And I will reflect that gift with renewed and more fervent faith in Her guiding influence. With Luck on our side, we might even survive our destinies."

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harrygoblin said...

I took my level in cleric. I retrained animal affinity for ride by attack. I also unlocked Arcanums first ability- it is a mage bane sword.