Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review (6/29/2011)

Continuing our night of celebration and revelry we begin the session with Jaren magically searching for Sevens tattoos. Many various individuals, seeming oblivious of each other, are scattered about. Represented are a handful of humans with a possible sixth; a score of humanoids near but outside the stables and a gnome with a brand over his tats (he had two on his wrists). Jaren approached and gave him a simple errand involving the outside marks, which he did perform. This is when we gather that they seem unknown to each other and that the score of men were part of Godin’s gang. Nothing seemed amiss and their was no plot about to be unleashed.

Roughly 8 am the next morning Auge and Durg meets with Vespa for armor sales (have to remember to say the Phrase to him later). Jaren makes his way to the Black Crown; Vercel reads before the fights begin at noon.

As the fights progress, we take advantage this opportunity to assess the fighters and participants. Over two-hundred registered entries participate as the bards create drama and excitement. Some of whom leave an impression is a group of ten monks of the Bloody Fist Dicipline: the Iron Sworn.

Late in the afternoon is when the lifters guild begin to arrive.

Two LC members approach Auge for permission to follow the moneychanger courier to its destination and make a hit. Thinking these to will likely die in the attempt, Auge allows it as long as the destination is out of the Rats Nest (ie out of our territory).

5 pm Jaren greets the Stormhaven nobility as they arrive. Rockhamers and Greystones, a total of six Stormhaven noble families arrive bearing gifts for the Red Keep. The volcano dwarfs bring gifts as well: masterwork tools for Cinder Block builders.

It is at this time the fights are announced for the rest of the evening and we deposit our take as of that time to the lair (5,000 now plus two more 1,000 deposits before the night is through). We each take a 1,000 cut.

Pippen the Ring master Halfling comes to meet Jaren and deliver the two rings he was commissioned to make. After this Pilini approaches Auge and says that White Spider is here and waiting in the Vial and Flask. Jaren and Auge find a visibly exhausted Halfling who says she was contacted by an individual interested in work. Jaren casts a protection spell and relieves her of whatever was compelling her- she collapses sleeping on the floor. Auge takes her to a room meaning to check up on her after midnight.

With that aside Auge makes contact with Torgar, Tamros’ brother (meeting was set for tomorrow at the brewery) as well as other prospective members in Auge’s rogues guild. Two former staircase guards: Farley and Spade, a ranger. Both come with hopes of selling information on valuable and forgotten merchant wares they know about. Auge offers to finance the operation meaning for them to retrieve it. Do this and you will be compensated. They were given magical items to assist them (A wand, cloak and haversacks). They eagerly agree hoping to recruit one more individual to the job. This led us to the first evening match and the third prospect.

7pm. Kiton, an incredible humanoid with dire ape blood in his ancestry vs. a masked wizard who names himself ‘the crusher’; Kiton was the stronger. 8pm. Ulf, the large-for-one-of-his-race ogre, ripped and muscular against a feral female humanoid with cat-like features; Ulf was the stronger. Finally a match between Kiton and Ulf- Kiton proves himself by breaking Ulf’s wrists and a nod toward Auge.

9pm. Brings the hammer and stone competition; Greystones against the Rockhammers who bless the Cinder Block with a battle dance. The event brought great prestige to the Cinder Block. After their exhibition it was our turn against the Greystones who come bearing dragon-bane weapons…

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