Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review (6/1/11)

 We begin Tuesday 10pm after the Bank Job. We were teleported back to the lair where we steak our claim to the wondrous magic plundered from the vault, including 4 watermarks that our followers/ employees retrieved from the Lifter’s Weighs and Means Bank.

Many messages and statements were left at the Cinder Block for attention; declarations of goodwill and intentions to Sons Commodities as well as how some survived the dire winter and the solstice. Some messages were asking questions on the state of the Staircase and Socorida. Intriguing was correspondence from the founders Seawillow and Rockhammer. As Versel pointed out, it was recognition beyond what we would have hoped for. They have arranged a dinner with us as VIPs for this Friday.

Other items of note were three messages from individuals claiming to have had visions or dreams of ‘the’ terrible army some expect to charge forth from Ker Maga, as well as a crazed message from a maddened Rothwell who blames us for all his woes. This message was shown to Hislop.

Auge met with Gerto and the White Spider and officially puts them on the payroll of the Vial and Flask. Feeling fortunate with acquiring these two, Auge asks the gnome and Halfling girl if they had anyone they would refer to him. Gerto speaks up and recommends a trio of gnome acquaintances of his that would certainly be open to learning to ride our dire bats. Awesome. Gerto sets into motion; the White Spider remains to speak privately and confides to Auge, the path she wishes to take is a path of sin to seek the honor of Tiamat. As one born from Tiamat’s linage, the Halfling was seeking guidance on her path to sin. Auge would grant her counsel when she returns from an errand- go to the driftdowns, seek out Tamros and deliver a message.

Also later that night Durg offered the magical phylactery to mother and it was accepted.

The next day begins with a morning of: Versel reading the manual of bodily health; Jaren preparing arcane spells at the Black Crown; Auge spends 100 gold arranging to have the messages properly replied to; and Durg makes preparations to visit the warehouse district.

Their was discussion between us as to our plans for the next series of days including the Edana estate and in the wake of all these letters and surge in popularity we decide it is best to focus on our diplomatic ties and let the Frost Giants and the Dire Illithid wait. Besides Rob wanted to make his presence in the warehouse district and we have weapons being delivered Thursday.

The warehouse district was a war zone, sacked and broken. The battles that took place here were recent and deadly. After a time we find a building worthy of investigating; Durg and Versel were able to tear it open to reveal a horrible gathering of demons led by a Hezrou- we were expected.

We ended the session in the middle of combat (sorry) and will commence with asskickary next week.


James said...

I had a blast last night- a lot of things were put on the calendar (that’s always good).

robm1171 said...

Seems the trap was for Jaren. Looks like they've bit off more than they can chew