Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tales from the Edana Estate

Erhard cursed the loss of winter’s kiss, staring at the ice palace he had created from nature’s wrath.  The Giant stood hidden in an enclosure of ice, yet the mirrored surfaces allowed him vision all around his newly created home.  Erhard was determined to be ready when the red scales returned.  Those fiery creatures had killed his blood along with his half breed bastards and he was certain they were involved in stopping the magical winter storm his priests had worked so hard to call.  Erhard didn’t know much about his enemy but he was certain they would return.  “This time, I shall allow nature to supply my revenge!” his thoughts raged, “damn the squids too!”
A bright flash caught Erhard’s eye flickering across the mirrored ice.  Through the ice he could see two of his fellow giants thrown off their feet, covered in fire, while he heard a loud explosion from the Gardens! Sudden howls and barks as wolves appeared snarling and snapping.  Erhard heard the mental demands of the alien squid heads that are protected in the ice covered estate;  this time he would ignore them.  The giant would wait, certain the reds would show themselves soon enough.  Three other giants rushed out to the gardens and one of the fallen giants was struggling to get up.  Erhard now noticed the direphants were ignoring the battle, acting as if they hadn’t heard anything.  If he hadn’t had his priests so busy in preparations for his revenge they could help take care of this surprise attack.  “Come closer,” thought Erhard, “closer to your doom.” 
The battle outside was something to behold for now Erhard saw a flying troll wielding a massive sword supported by four gnolls.  They smartly all targeted Falk, the giant struggling to get up.  The trolls last strike meant that Falk breathed no more, his entrails spilled across the grounds, now a garden of gore.  Only then did Erhard see the small creatures who climbed about Benno while the wolves snapped at his ankles.  Benno was not skilled at fighting small folk and his lack of training looked to be costing him.  On another reflection Erhard saw a dozen of the mindless merc’s move out towards the gardens.  Those poor sods were fully under the control of one of the squid heads, his alien magicks taking over their minds. Erhard knew that these were pawns, for while they are skilled, the mercs moved slowly now, their skills dulled by a will not their own. 
Erhard stared now at the reflective surface that watched over his priests busy at work on his revenge, wondering if any of them had guessed what he had in store for his enemies. If their dark cold god smiled upon them, then maybe a few of them would survive as well. Another noise jarred the giant’s thoughts and he looked back to the gardens.  A large force of men now swarmed the gardens, a flight of arrows taking down Benno, while many charged forth, their blows bringing the mindless merc’s a merciful death. Erhard was surprised at their numbers and wondered if he should leave his observation post.  That decision was taken from him as he let out a bellow of pain, his foot suddenly throbbing. Looking down, much to his surprise, Erhard saw a laughing gnome running away from him and a small toothpick like blade, buried deep in his foot.  As the giant tried to remove the blade with his much too large fingers, he discovered the gnome’s second surprise.  There was another flash and loud explosion and Erhard was conscious no more.


harrygoblin said...

Jaren- Our troops are victorious! Let us finish this extermination and kill these planar roaches in their nest.
For the estate, and for the Hoard!!

James said...

Let's get ready to rumble.