Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journal Entry (Auge)

I feel safer having disguised the birthmarks on the skullborn with magical tattoos. That and being in our presence should foil any attempts at trying to magically locate them. But I do not believe my brothers and I are out of the cold yet. Durg the True’s ranting does not fall on deaf ears when it comes to me. Indeed, I do not wish to regret not killing them in the cellar. We have dealt a blow to the Nightstalker’s plan and it will not take them long to regain their bearings and regroup. There is still a price on our heads. How long will be before someone or somebody disavows or condemns us in some way? There is at least one in Twilight House that has done just that. I need to put in some serious leisure time at the Dragon’s Breath. That after I produce more illusionary dust, I hope an hour is good enough when we need to use it.

Vial and Flask Inventory
(Sons Commodities)
Boots of the Mountain King (78 MC) 1,500 gp
Dust of Illusion 1,200 gp
Glitterstone (161 MC) 450 gp.
Scroll of Death Ward 700 gp
Potion of Greater Magic Fang +2, 1,200 gp

Vial and Flask (Durg)
(2) Cloak of Resistance +1, tainted

Vial and Flask (Auge)
Metamagic Components
Auran Mask 60 gp ea. (5)
Silversheen 250 gp ea. (4)
Snakeblood Tooth (136 MC) 1,350 gp

Lab Entry
When the servants of the skull come looking for these precious three, I will take the skull-born out myself and then turn my fire upon cult servants.

Combine the Long kiss goodnight that causes exhaustion or at worst- unconsciousness, perhaps even double its strength with the Blasphemix, or better yet- most of its sinister components. Add ash from a funeral pyre and the desired result:
The Grey Death (injury poison) onset 1 min., frequency: 1/min for 6 min. Effect: subject falls into a deep comatose state indiscernible from being utterly dead. (2 saves)

Powder of the Black Veil: A pinch of this sooty, black powder cast into an area creates a 10-foot-high cloud in a 10-foot spread centered on the user. The cloud remains in place for 2d4 rounds, and any creature caught in the area (or one that enters it) is blinded for as long as it stays in the cloud and for 1d4 rounds after it leaves unless it succeeds on a Will save. The black veil can be used as a metamagic component for necromantic spells: +1 metamagic modifier for 3rd level and below, +2 for 2nd and below; so on for first level, like a +3 heightened ray of enfeeblement. Faint necromancy; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, blindness/ deafness; Price 750 gp (Complete Arcane)

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