Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Raise your glass (in Pride)

"Good work gentlemen, you have brought defeat to the vile frost giants thereby allowing us to bring down the wretched aberrations. Be not humbled in your feats take Pride for the victories won, for you have earned it. Always bear in mind men of Dragonsbane, soldiers of the Cinder Block that a warrior with Pride is a warrior with ambition. A warrior without ambition is a beast of burden. Keep your eyes on the objective men, swing your sword with purpose and be Prideful of your achievements. Raise your glass men and drink to our victory this night"


harrygoblin said...

Well spoken, Brother Auge. I second the toast, and agree the men should be proud of their achievement. I can not help but wait with great anticipation to see which soldiers rise to the top of their platoons.

James said...

Thank you brother. For the hoard!