Monday, June 6, 2011

A Spider's Wrath

“Wrath is a worthy sin young devotee.” Auge looked down on the mysterious Halfling. White Spider professed to him a desire to win Mother’s favor by way of sin.

“Wrath is a word that is often used to describe the ire the gods bring down upon the mortals: ‘You’ll earn the wrath of the gods!’ One would warn. The word itself is holy, as is the act holy.”

Auge turned to retrieve a specially prepared bottle from the shelf; when looked again her eyes were closed. Was she praying or waiting to be anointed? Auge examined her closely and found subtle signs; she was angering herself, her breathing quickened; her fists balled up; and she began to shake.

When Spider opened her eyes she took a deep calming breath and noticed that Auge had poured two glasses of red wine and produced a magical rapier. Auge raised his glass. “I will speak highly of you to my Matron. Let the Angry Spider be known to all who cross her wrath.”

Spider took the glass eagerly and drank, then took her leave for the Driftdowns where she would find Tamros.

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Gordzilla said...

Great pic choice, nicely done