Thursday, June 9, 2011

(Review 6/8/11)

The evening begins with us in the midst of battling the demons in the warehouse. It was a battle of claws, magic and fire. Suddenly, our opponents disappear and a voice sounds in our minds- everyone save for Jaren. With Jaren briefly separated from Versel, Auge and Durg, the voice preceded in making incredible offers of wealth if we would betray ‘the wizard’ (Jaren). This did not sway us in the least and we attempted to make our way out of the warehouse district with what we believed to be the flyers club/ally of Socordia/elf/wizard: Carosto.

Then the demons returned. They had regrouped to better utilize their tactical skills to battle us proper. It wasn’t long when a fearsome grapple and pin felled Auge; Jaren was warned to stay away; while Durg and Versel were not having their best day. It was not looking good.

“My wish is to see myself and my brothers three, safely and without harm or ailment to the Cinder Block with the elf while my demon foes are stricken confused.” It was Auge who used his father’s wish to escape checkmate.

The wish was granted.

We found ourselves in an undeveloped part of the Cinder Block with Carosto who played his best to appear confused and grateful for his rescue. After some questioning Versel expressed his feelings on the matter, Carosto proceeded in casting a spell he claimed to have no knowledge of: teleport. Questioning broke out into initiative. He did not have a chance, what with the full fury of all four of us eager to end him there on the spot. When Carosto fell we could hear distant infernal screams and wails from the demons as they were also defeated with the death of their summoner. We induced that Carosto was responsible for the demons and the trap in the warehouse, whatever his ultimate aspirations was- he was harvesting flyers club members.

We begin next session Noon that day. On the calendar for today: Gerto presents Pilinni and two other gnome prospects to learn to fly the dire bats and a meeting with Obidiah. Tomorrow (Thursday) swords and stuff and a noon assault on the Edana estate. Firday is dinner with the founding families and Saturday is the Cinder Block Grand Opening.


James said...

Looking forward to Saturday!

James said...

I would like to spend time in the lab and finish my improved belt.

James said...

Russ gets first pick when next we land treasure.