Monday, June 13, 2011

(Review 6/11/11) Satruday

Making our way to Caer Dragonsbane we notice much has transpired, they were attacked and the esteemed Obidah Dragonsbane has been killed. The attack came Tuesday in the form of orcs, orogs and hobgoblins (Twilight House Warriors) disguised as elves, dwarfs and the like.

We met and held long palaver with Samson Dragonsbane- master raiperer. He is seated in a position of power in his family of salt purveyors; they also hold many major shipping lanes. He was hastily teleported here when news of Obidah’s demise reached him. Sampson’s sister, Varen and her husband Able Chumley who is a wine, grapes and dies merchant; they have been in Stormhaven less than a year. Together they were looking for allies, and our two groups would seem logical to join. They admired the respect we have earned in Stormhaven.

Together we negotiated an alliance between the Sons of Nissian and the Dragonsbanes. We would be responsible for disciplining their mercenaries making us the stewards of their warriors. Auge suggested utilizing the sin of Pride into these soldiers using a complex rank and merit system of reward and honor. We would have privileged access to the Dragonsbane shipping network. It would begin 8 AM tomorrow morning when sixty men report to the Cinderblock for unit training. (Little do they know that they were to be deployed their first day against frost giants!)

11 AM before departing, Jaren instructed the Dragonsbane majordomo (who told Dragonsbane numbers actually total 400 arms) to begin the transportation of two hundred Dragonsbane mercenaries to the Cinderblock in the Rats Nest. From there it was off to the Black Crown when Pignian was invented. Jaren had to meet with Adalwin Joscelin (expertise: magical strategy and control and domination of enemies) to reveal the sinister wizard Carosto (who never joined the Black Crown) and his plans. Jaren and Adalwin also made plans for tomorrow attack on the Edana Estate- we will return tomorrow. They next hour was spent for the rest of us answering general questions on the state of Stormhaven after the Dire Winter. We also contacted Arkiel that it is time to change his address and that it is best to stay at the Cinderblock and to leave Twilight House. We find out he has been attacked and defeated his mind flyer attacker- possibly a relative of the two he is familiar with he is bringing the body to us.

In the Vial and Flask we meet with Arkiel and his dead mind flayer and begin an exchange of information including the Dragonsbane Accord and our activities for the next couple of days. Auge sells him a magical rapier; Jaren takes his masterwork rapier as plans are laid out for tomorrow.

Crafting, reading, scribing scrolls and ariel patrols comprise our free time.

8 AM Thursday comes with unit inspection for sixty Dragonsbane mercenaries. Three independent units each with a leader, nine 4th and 5th level fighters each with a slashing, piercing and bludgeoning weapons; some with cold iron weaponry, the leaders have adamantine and most have some team-work feat. Expenditure of 17,000 SONS funds go into out fitting these in preparation of the assault on the Edana Estate later today (flaming magical arrows, bombs, scrolls). Durg breaking the maggots down and Versel building them back up; the mercs endure it all.

Swords and stuff. Thursday also brings a delivery of adamantine weapons form the volcano dwarves. (Total order: 2 scimitars, 2 kamas, 2 short swords, 1 dagger, 1 spear head, 1 longsword with 1 longsword going to pay the dwarves for their labor) Sharsoh receives a magical scimitar and Versel his magical kamas.

3 PM back at the Black Crown: with Adalwin in the war room, we begin making preparations for the attack. We end the session here spelled up, in high magical definition and thirsty for victory.

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