Friday, June 17, 2011

Review (6/15/ll)

Our session was spent largely with our attack on the inner hive of mind flayers inhabiting the Edana Estate. Battling through abhorrent hounds and mind flyers the greatest threat to our success was also the biggest surprise of the night: the Beholder. Using his Father’s wish, Vercel turned the bleak melee in our favor. The beholder fell, the hounds were killed and we laid low or drove away the mind flyers.

Tremors began to rock the estate as Jaren transported us outside to see how we could aid in the fight against the frost giants. We managed to help an enraged frost giant bury himself under thousands of tons of ice and snow while avoiding the same fate.

With many neighboring aristocrats watching our exploits we are elevated in the eyes of the Stormhaven nobility.

A celebration was held at the Cinder Block upon our return. Then a toast to the fallen. We begin next session Friday morning; later that day: Dinner with the Founding Families.

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