Sunday, October 31, 2010

Auge's Chronicle: Day Six

Seven cardinal sins and seven cardinal virtues; we, my brothers are the embodiment of Greed. We have already encountered Sloth and I can’t help but ponder; when would our brood encounter Lust, Wrath or Charity, the virtue diametrically opposed to us?

I have no doubt that agents of virtue will soon be coming for us. The more allies we make and the more business we generate will assuredly fill our hoard, but I’d like to see more of our influence within these agents and our domain. We need to spread the influence of our sin more directly and instill greed deeply within the contacts and allies we have made. The more sin being committed will create great exponential waves of evil and sin our enemies will have to sift and fight through before they reach us. And when they do we will be ready.


James said...

Happy Halloween guys!

Gordzilla said...

Love the radial pic!